The Importance of Routines for Cats


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Today we are going to discuss the importance of routines for cats.
In order to realize the importance and potential of routines, let’s take a look at several roles they play in a cat’s life.

Routines Are the Foundation of Successful Training

Training is more effective and enjoyable for everyone involved when it is incorporated into a cat’s daily routine. Usual routines before and after training make transition between activities easier for cats. Establishing such opening and closing routines help cats to quickly and effortlessly engage in training and wind down after intensive learning. For example, playtime at the beginning of training session tunes cat’s attention up and helps it to concentrate on tasks while mealtime after the session indicates to the cat that training is over and it’s time to relax and move on to calm activities. Routines make training consistent and organized, add a feeling of accomplishment and involvement and improve cats’ confidence and motivation to learn new skills.

They also facilitate the process of retraining and help cats to break up with their bad habits painlessly. Replacing a bad habit with a healthy routine is much easier than trying to eliminate it alone. In addition, established routine helps to prevent a cat from falling back into old habits. In fact, routines can even prevent bad habits as cats who can count on stable environment are less inclined towards abnormal behaviour.

Routines Are the Best Therapy for Stress

It’s natural for cats to maintain control over their territory and resources; they feel secure and comfortable when they know what to expect from their day. Predictable feeding schedule and consistent places for bowls assure them that their basic needs will always be met. With a playtime schedule cats get regular physical activity which helps to alleviate boredom, improve mood, maintain healthy weight and reduce anxiety. Knowing that they always have places to hide and relax improve their confidence and make them feel safe in their living space. Following routines in itself helps them enter calm state of mind and provides sense of order and purpose. Disruption of routines negatively affect cats’ mood and can lead to changes in behaviour and biorhythms, which in turn trigger stress-induced conditions.

Routines Are Anchors

Sudden changes and surprises usually upset cats. Routines boost their emotional resilience and help them to cope with changing conditions. Cats who can rely on their routines adjust to new environments, people or animals faster and with less difficulty. Familiar activities and things are something they can hold on to during the periods of uncertainty, such as moving to another house or when their owners go on vacation and leave them behind. Regular care routines are particularly important when a cat’s environment changes as they help to assure the cat that even among that confusion it is still loved and respected, not abandoned and forgotten.

Routines Are Indicators of Health

Routines are a great opportunity for owners to monitor their cats’ health and behaviour. They help owners to learn what is normal for their cats and be aware of even subtle changes in cat routines. Monitoring of a cat’s eating, drinking and litter box habits and keeping regular care routines allow to detect early signs of disease before serious symptoms arise and take action as soon as possible. However, keep in mind that home monitoring of your cat’s health is not a substitute for annual veterinary exam.

Final Thoughts

Routines are crucial for overall health of cats. They help cats to cope with challenges and changes; they reduce stress and anxiety; they promote healthy habits and reduce bad habits. But some of routines are even more important than others. I mean something cats look forward to every day, something that truly matters. I mean those precious moments they share with their human friends: meeting you at the door, playing and getting outside together, time on your lap, just hanging out together. These are the most significant things in a cat’s life because they bring pure joy and happiness.

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