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I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.” – Jean Cocteau

Happy Cat, Happy Home

Some people believe that cats are independent, aloof and belong outdoors. I believe that a household cannot function properly without cats.

Sometimes it seems that they are not just animals, they’re mysterious magic creatures who live with us to share some understanding, some secret knowledge about this world; and they understand this world far better than we do.

We bring these wonderful creatures home, and they become its soul, a part of the family. We offer them food, safety and comfort for companionship.

Although indoor cats accept our lifestyle, they enjoy nature activities like hunting, jumping, climbing, taking long walks, and so forth. They need those little joys to be happy and live full life, and every cat is happy in its own way.

Our Happy Cats

My cats’ friendship is one of the greatest joys in my life.

Five years ago my husband brought home a tiny stray kitten (we called him Matt) who stayed with us and grew up to be a gorgeous Persian cat. A year ago we adopted a rescue kitten Mr Gold.

Matt is very calm and aristocratic. He enjoys observing birds and his humans and watching dolphins on YouTube and listening to their sounds. Mr Gold is completely opposite: energetic and adventurous; he loves walking, hunting bugs and spiders, playing different toys, etc.

We believe cats reveal different sides of our life, helping us to understand ourselves better.

Magic thing about cats is that they appear in our life, our home, when we need them, and if we open our hearts to them, they can reward us with amazing experience and become our best friends for long years.

Cat Indoors

The aim of Cat Indoors is to help people keep their cats happy and share knowledge on these wonderful animals. If you love cats, interested in their behaviour, want to improve your cat’s life or just curious, welcome to the Cat Indoors!

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